Words for the day…

Rugby: A form of football named after the town/school in England where it was created. A sport traditionally played by hard men, simpletons, lager louts and ruffians for the entertainment of the middle and upper classes who consider it the perfect opportunity to get together with their friends to discuss each others property portfolio and their stocks and shares.

Football/Soccer:A sport played by two teams of eleven players who are owned by multi-millionaires who don’t understand the game. Each player generally has the IQ of a small rodent and is played for the entertainment of the working and middle classes.


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  1. Sarcasm: The lowest form of wit, usually practised by verbose sociopaths who are often incapable of understanding the genuine realities of their targets, hence their need to resort to creakingly outdated or profoundly inaccurate stereotypes that are devoid of humour but bursting at the seams with personal resentment.

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