You know life is bad…

when the condom you carry in your wallet is now out of date…… Dare I try… Every bloody woman I meet does my head in.

I decided to stop ‘dating’ people because the last ‘date’ I went on, the woman didn’t know what the spoon was for when she ordered spaghetti bolognaise. If you are going to order it, at least know how to eat the f*cking thing… And the other girl I once went out with, decided to tell me all the things she had bought at the shops that day. If it was clothes it would have been interesting, but all her groceries?..

 Where do you meet nice, intelligent, can have a sensible conversation, rich women in Belfast?



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4 responses to “You know life is bad…

  1. that gives a whole new meaning to ‘out of date’ 🙂

  2. I gave up on Belfast women at the age of 13. Then I gave up on Northern Irish women at 17. Then I gave up on all Irish women at the age of 23 (apart from one brief mistake at 28 or 29).
    Get yourself a nice Polish chick and don’t look back, mucker. Smart, beautiful, multilingual, intelligent…
    You’d be mad not to!

  3. JC I thought you might have recommended sheep or something like this 😉

  4. Enda, you should try Irishflirtysomething. She’s having your problem in reverse.


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